Sunday, September 6, 2009

Taking a break: About me

Since this is Real Life and all, I got too busy to continue my series of thoughts on starting homeschool. I figured it didn't matter much as I hadn't really told anyone about this blog anyway! HAHA!
But, now I'm actually letting people know I exist so I thought I'd do a bit more personal piece.
I'm a SAHM of 3. My eldest, AT, is in Kindergarten. It was originally my intention to just homeschool her for pre-k. And I tried, I really did, but after a few months of struggling to accomplish school with a (then) 2yo and 1yo who demanded attention as soon as they saw AT getting any and then trying to get AT to keep her focus when the other 2 were doing something else just got to be too frustrating and not fun - for any of us.
I abandoned my grand plan - and all my works in progress - and just went about doing informal school and unschooling. When I look at what she is able to do, I think we did pretty well. We certainly covered pre-k and went a little beyond. Lessons happened in the dining room, kitchen, back yard, car - wherever we happened to be when I found a teachable moment. But I still craved the one-on-one time with her during this period of her life. This child of wonder phase. Because, seriously, every first-grade girl I've really known has an attack of bratitis so it was important to me to get this before that happened HAHA! We bit the budget bullet and picked a pre-school for the other 2 kids - the routine of which we're still settling into.
Now, I'm trying to catch up with all the projects, we found some money to buy some Montessori manipulative materials, and I hold class with just AT 3x's a week and continue as before on the other 4 days.
Since I'm new to this, still, I've got a lot of learning to do myself but I hope to share with you as I go. Just, ah, don't expect a ton of photos I'm terrible at getting photos uploaded HAHA!

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