Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up

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I'm going to try to make a note at the end of each day, just ignore it if I change tenses. I'm working on accepting my imperfections and getting a blog post done hastily is better than not at all. Right?
Monday: Basement flooded - whole basement, which has never happened before. So school was educational computer games, reading and math while Hubs and I cleaned and he tried to prevent it happening again. We've had 15 inches of rain in the last 3 days.
Friday: It continued to rain on Monday, bringing a 24 hour total up to 12 inches. That includes some part of the 15 - or so was reported on TV. Checking the NWS report as issued by the AJC, the rain in our area was a little above 13 inches. No matter the official report, it's 3+ times more rain than average. September 2008 had .75 inches of rain. They're calling it a 500 year flood.
With a flooded basement (thankfully nothing severe) Hubs and I had our work cut out for us, so the kids went off to Grandma's and Papa's for the rest of the week. What ever schooling was done happened there and I'm not going to question aka look a gift horse in the mouth.

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