Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why couldn't you have told me this in July?

I had a heart stopping moment - heart stopping for a homeschooler that is.
This morning when AT woke up, she said, "I really like having a teacher in ballet class. Maybe I'd like to go to regular school instead of being home"
Me: OK, what is it you like better about having a teacher?
A: I like that she only tells me once what to do.
Me: And what do you do when she tells you one time?
A: I just do what she tells me.
Me: How about you just do what I tell you the first time I give you an instruction?
A: Umm, I don't know about that.
Me, thinking that I've got it wrapped up in one comment: You know, you'll have to do a lot more writing on your own if you're at big kid school
A: That's OK, I like writing lots. Writing just a little is boring.
Me, perplexed because writing is clearly her least favorite thing: We can write what ever you want. Plus you have to get up much earlier to go to regular school which means you have to go to bed earlier.
A: How about you wake me up tomorrow at the time when I'd have to get up for regular school.
Me: OK


Me: I'm worried that if you go to school in the middle like this that you won't have learned some of the things that they have and then later you'll have to repeat things you already learned. Like math, I'm pretty sure that we're doing more math than the regular school is (our next door neighbors and dear friends have a daughter the same age who goes to regular school so I've been getting updates from them).
A: Oh, I really like math. Can we do the beads now? [a Montessori material]
Me: We can tomorrow right now it's almost time to get GR, but they don't have the beads or any of the other things on the big shelf downstairs at regular school.
A: Oh, then I want to stay here with you. I'll try to listen better.
Me: OK baby, that makes me happy


The main thing that set me into a spin was the possibility that she wouldn't know some of the things they've taught at school already and that she'd be labeled in a bad way. I couldn't stand the idea that she'd be thought of as less than she is - that broke my heart.


  1. Sounds like you handled it with grace. =)

    Stopping in from SITS.

  2. Yes, you definitely handled it well. Also remember, while our kids may at times express the desire to GO to public school, we are still the parents and have the adult ability to decide whether or not that would be best. Frequently kids want something, but that doesn't mean they need it or that it would be good for them. I have homeschooled for 12 years, and not only allowed my high schoolers to attend PS full time (big mistake, btw) but also gave up and put my youngers in for a time... It's not all it's cracked up to be. They're all home now and will remain so. With my sons, it's the school bus. They love riding the bus. So, I plan to take them downtown on a city bus just for fun. We'll call it a field trip. :)